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Forget GoDaddy Already, It Starts at HOME.

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl social media has been abuzz debating GoDaddy’s controversial ads. Their hot girl/nerd guy make out session garnered mass publicity and made them rich. According to GoDaddy, they gained 10,000 new customers in the wake of the commercial.  This wasn’t just a “little bump” for them, it was their…

Sex and the working mom

Sex and the Working Mom: An Oxymoron?

Just read a fabulous post from Harvard Business Review by Herminia Ibarra that brings up a much neglected aspect of the whole work/life balance puzzle. SEX. Remember that little past time your husband and you used to share before the kids, work struggles, PTA meetings, caring for aging parents, and all the other chaos we…

Mom to Mom: Stop screaming at your kids

Mom to Mom: Stop Screaming at Your Kids!

Teaching Kids Grit

Success Factors For Kids: Teach Your Child About Grit

My five year old is 15 feet up in the air and trembling as he holds on for dear life. “Mommy, I can’t do it?!” I’m at the base coaching him through his panic, “You CAN do it honey?! It’s just ONE step. Deep breath. Please try?” I can see the fear in his eyes…

Mommy Me Time

Are You a Time Starved Mom Needing a Break?

We took a poll at the glamaLIFE facebook page about “Me Time” and guess what??? The #1 request for “me time” was just 15 minutes alone to relax and take a bath without the kiddos beating the door down! Tune in as I share our TOP 3 tips for getting “Mommy Me Time”. What’s your…

Outdoor play for prescholers

Study Proves Preschoolers NEED Outdoor Play

According to a national study posted in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, …about half of the preschoolers did not have at least one parent-supervised outdoor playtime per day. These findings are especially troublesome considering the American Academy of Pediatrics urges outdoor playtime to help children with motor development, vision, cognition, vitamin D levels and overall…

Contact Mom Blog

Contact Mom Blog

mom entrepreneur resources

Mom Entrepreneur Coach for Hire

I’m a mom entrepreneur that created a multi-million dollar internationally recognized company out a of $2,000 investment. I’ve actually DONE it. I’m the real deal. I practice what I preach and I can PROVE my tactics and strategies work. DIY Publicity Strategies: Secured placements on Oprah, the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extreme Makeover:…

Mom Entrepreneur Speaker for HIre

Mom Entrepreneur Speaker for Hire

Heather Schuck is a passionate entrepreneur who lives up to her “Lil’ Firecracker” nickname. While she may joke about her “fun sized” 5’1″ petite frame or her nationally celebrated 4th of July birthday, she’s serious about bootstrapping, inspiring mom entrepreneurs, and the power of content marketing. She is well known for using innovative and cost-effective…

Engaged Parenting

Engaged Parenting: Give Presence Instead of Presents

Let me ask, can you relate to any of these situations? When enjoying movie night with the family you have your smart phone nearby to check for that “important email” every 5 minutes. Soccer practice on Tuesday nights is great because it gives you a chance to finish work stuff on your laptop while “watching”…

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