Mom to Mom: Stop Screaming at Your Kids!

Kids have a way of pushing our buttons, especially when we’re already overwhelmed by family life. We’re barely hanging in there and -of course- this is the when our toddler decides to throw a bag of flour at his brother. Sigh. Unfortunately, being a mom doesn’t give you superpowers to resist frustration. We all have moments where we hit that last straw and lose it a little bit screaming at our kids. While it might feel nice for those 2 seconds to feel like they’re finally hearing us, that feeling of relief is soon replaced with guilt, helplessness, and sadness. We feel bad, they feel even worse, and nobody wins. So how do you keep your cool when you feel your blood start to boil?

Tune in for mom to mom tips to help you stop screaming at your kids…

Know Your Triggers:

If you find yourself screaming every time you help your 1st grader with elementary school homework, stop screaming and hire a tutor. You’ll BOTH be happier.

Have a Plan:

If your infant hasn’t had a nap all day, don’t expect them to patiently tag along while you stroll the grocery store for 3 hours. Plan ahead and make sure baby is well rested when you need her on best behavior.

Have An Outlet:

Don’t wait until your ready to explode! Have an outlet for releasing all that pent up tension so you don’t “lose it” in a “last straw” situation. Be proactive and make stress relief an item on your daily to-do list.

Ask for Help:

Nobody said you have to do it alone and we ALL have bad days. It’s OK! If you feel yourself at your wits end, enlist help and take some time for yourself to recharge. You’ll be a better parent for it.

Do YOU have some strategies to share? What helps you cool down when you feel your blood start to boil?

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