Mom Blog: Fit & FearLESS File #3 Mommy Firefighter for Safe Firework Fun

Fit & FearLESS File #3: Mommy Firefighter

In this episode Heather gears up in the sweltering 100+ heat of TX to learn about firework safety.  She sets off fireworks in front of the historic Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin with the help of Steve Wolf, professional stunt coordinator, and the supervision of the Austin Fire department.  Tune in for lots of laughs and great tips for safe firework fun.


The story behind Fit & FearLESS, the infamous red stilettos, and why moms need to be happy…

mom adventure web series Fit and FearLESS is a weekly adventure web series where we prove being a mom isn’t about being doomed to sweatpants, spit up, and spoiled dreams. Join me as I get fit and push myself to fear LESS. I swim with sharks, get set on fire, drive a real NASCAR race car, and have a blast challenging myself with many more adventures. Why? Because I want YOU to get inspired and send me YOUR Fit and FearLESS! Maybe start that business you’ve always wanted, take those windsurfing classes, or train for that triathlon? Get inspired, dream BIG, and join the glamaLIFE revolution!

Glama Love,

Heather Schuck

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