TRX Workout: Killer Abs Without Killer Crunches!

trx ab workoutKiller abs without killer crunches?

Crunches are probably one of the most overused ab exercises in fitness and surprisingly one of the least effective for total ab development. Especially when you factor in how easy it is to use bad form.  Can you tell I’m not a fan of crunches?

While I’m not a huge fan of crunches, I am a huge fan of killer abs. In my quest to learn new ways to work the core, I stumbled onto the TRX system commonly used in military and professional sports training.

The suspension system gives you a tremendous total body workout in a short amount of time. I can spend 15 minutes working my legs and walk away with the bonus of a killer ab workout. As a time-strapped mom trying to squeeze in a good, quality workout – that’s priceless!

Tune in above as I work with Baron of VO2 Fitness in Austin. TX learning some great new ab exercises. While these exercises may seem a little advanced, the mechanics are quite simple. Jump in and give it a shot! The goal is progress – not perfection. Start slow and work up as you get stronger. Let me know what you think!


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