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3 Sneaky Ways to Make Protein Snacks Kids Love

This Protein Snacks Kids Love post excerpt is part of my #GoodEnergy series at Premier Protein… While every Mom knows that kids grow up fast, you might not realize just how fast. The average child will triple in size by their 13th birthday. That’s an astonishing rate! To help keep your kids healthy and strong during this…

Fathers Day gift for geek dads

Father’s Day Gifts That Scream “I Love Daddy!”

Father’s Day is just around the corner which means copious amounts of BBQ, ugly ties, and tributes to dear old Dad. This year, why not switch it up a little and leave out the whole “ugly tie” thing? We’ve got the hottest list of Father’s Day gifts for new dads, not-so-new Dad’s, and even grandDad’s.…

Kids Need Outdoor Play

Kids NEED Outdoor Play…here’s WHY!

Career Day for Kids

Career Day: Teaching Kids About Fashion Design

Outdoor play for prescholers

Study Proves Preschoolers NEED Outdoor Play

According to a national study posted in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, …about half of the preschoolers did not have at least one parent-supervised outdoor playtime per day. These findings are especially troublesome considering the American Academy of Pediatrics urges outdoor playtime to help children with motor development, vision, cognition, vitamin D levels and overall…

DiscoveryKids, homework help online

Top Sites for Kids Homework Help Online

Online homework help websites are a great resource for kids hoping to get ahead in school or just trying to keep up. Luckily, there’s a ton of “virtual tutors” that can help educate AND entertain our kiddos. I scoured the web and put together a  list of the top sites for you to check out.…

Halloween crafts for kids

Crafts for Kids: Spooky Halloween Shirt Fun!

Help Children Cope with Homework Stress

Help Children Cope with Homework Stress

Recent findings by the American Psychology Association are troubling reminders that we must help children cope with homework stress. As my oldest finishes his first six weeks of 3rd grade, I can’t help but be overwhelmed myself by the amount of homework he’s assigned. Between his daily reading, reader response essay, math review, class supplement…

Firework Safety for Kids

Firework Safety for Kids: Mommy Firefighter to the Rescue!

July 4th is just around the corner and fireworks safety for kids is crucial.  As a July 4th baby myself, I appreciate a good fireworks show…especially when I’m the one setting them off.  I want my kids to experience those same joys, but fear all the hazards that go along with fireworks.  Thousands of kids…

Is Your Child Ready to Start School?

Kindergarten Assessment: When Is My Child Ready To Start School?

With summer rapidly approaching, many parents start to think about when their young children should start school.  A lot of parents ask the question, “How old should my child be when he starts school?”  But I think the better question is, “When will my children have a strong enough foundation of skills to be successful…

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