Do Moms NEED Adventure in Their Lives?

I get asked this question quite a bit and I want YOUR HELP answering it. As the host of, I certainly have my own opinion….but I want YOURS!

Does adventure for moms even matter? Absolutely! More and more research is being done that shows the number one factor for raising happy kids is simply having a HAPPY MOM. (see here: Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids & Happier Parents)

Not a rich mom, married mom, or beautiful mom – just a HAPPY one.  This is something we can ALL achieve with a little self-love and understanding. No more mommy guilt! It’s OK to admit we get annoyed by the carpool lane, that we enjoy taking a bubble bath uninterrupted, and that we still have a life outside of motherhood. (Feel free to chime in?)

I was blessed with the opportunity to discuss this exact topic on Mom Life recently. Jen and Barb are amazing glamaMOMS and I had an absolute blast!  I wanted to share with you a couple behind the scene pictures before you see the final, edited episode….top secret, k?

While I don’t want to “spoil” the show before it airs, I would LOVE to get your two cents!

Adventure Mom on Mom Life

Adventure Mom on Mom Life

About MomLIFE: Hosted by everyday moms Jen Pate and Barb Machen, “Jen and Barb, Mom Life” is an original online video series made up of four- to seven- minute segments about “life in the trenches of motherhood. Featured on shows such as Rachael Ray, The CBS Early Show, and Entertainment Tonight, the show’s hosts—who won a 2010 “Best Reality/Variety Host,” Webby Award— invite experts and celebrity guests to join them as they discuss topics relevant to raising children and managing a family. Jen and Barb also engage their audience, which has reached more than 52 million unique viewers in its first two seasons, through an interactive website at The site serves as a “mom community” in which Mom Life’s two hosts share stories and exchange tips and recommendations with their fans.

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12 thoughts on “Do Moms NEED Adventure in Their Lives?

  1. ABSOLUTELY! We so often get lost in daily tasks we forget to live. I then wait until I can’t take anymore before I step back and remember just what life is all about. If I made it a continual thing it would save a lot of cliff hanging.
    Thanks for your article on Sneaky Snakes by the way. Played that with my 6 year old it was great fun. My 3 year old wouldn’t wake up. Next time I will have to be a little quicker. Great time and great bonding.

  2. via Janelle Boyer “Of course we do, just because your a mom does not mean your life must stop I think of course there should be a balance, yet we are still individuals who have needs and desires that must be met. When you become a parent your life gets a bit more hectic and can revolve around your childs activities this is when we need mommy breaks and wine.”

  3. You betcha we need adventure! I crave adventure in my life and believe that when I allow myself time to be myself…that I come back rejuvenated and a much better wife, mom, daughter, friend, etc…
    We all want to be super moms but should never lose touch with who we are as an individual in the process. We should all strive to be well-rounded individuals. If we are healthy and happy, our kids will be same.

  4. For sure! As our kids see us living life to the fullest and taking hold of every opportunity, that joy and passion for life will undoubtedly rub off on them too! What a great gift!

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